quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2008

Your ideal world

This is for everybody to know what you and your partner talked about last class when you where free to dream about your ideal holidays, your car, your ideal job, and lots of other things.

So, where would you go if you won a 'dream holiday' in a competition?

And what car would you have, if you could choose any car to buy?

What about sports? If you could be very good at a sport,what sport would you practise?

If you could choose your ideal job, what would you do?

And what if you had more time, how would you use it?

What about having a house in another country?

I remember that most of us agreed that we wouldn't want to live away from Brazil. But if you could have a house in another country, just to spend some time, where would it be?

Don't forget to give reasons for your answers.

Since we are free to imagine what we want, let's really use our creativity and see what we can find out about each other through our answers.

Next class we are going to see if our ideas are similar. Do we dream the same dreams?

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Dennis disse...

Oí, Cecília.

Great post! I was totally engaged by the fact that it was a challenge—a challenge to respond to questions about the ideal world each of us has. In posing the challenge, you also included a number of questions as "response starters"; for my comment here, I'm going to respond to only one of them:

One of Your Questions:

What about having a house in another country? . . . If you could have a house in another country, just to spend some time, where would it be?

My respoonse:

Actually, I think I'd want to have several houses in several different countries, but the country at the top of my list would probably be Brasil, and the city would most likely be Brasília—because I have some dear, dear friends there and we've never met face to face.

If I actually had the opportunity to have such a house, it wouldn't need to be anything grand, but it would need to have a large, comfortable area for sitting . . . and eating! I would also need a kitchen that would be large enough for me and several of my amigos brasileiros to cook together. I'd also want some room for a flower garden. And one more thing: the house would also have to have high-speed Internet access so I could keep in touch with other friends from around the globe!

Thanks for the chance to respond to this very interesting question, Cecília!

Best wishes—

Dennis in Phoenix

Carla Arena disse...

Dear Cecília,

I loved your questions.

In fact, I'm living in a house in another country, but I'll go back to Brazil next year. If I could, I'd have a beach house somewhere in the Northeast of Brazil, facing the sea. I'd love to be in an area that I could be in touch with fishermen and would wait everyday for them to come back from the sea with the catch of the day. I'd, then, try a new recipe every single day. Of course, if I had a beach house, I'd invite friends and family to spend some time with me, and we'd have a blast together!

How about you?

m_avfa disse...

Dear Cecília,

I don't know how to write as good as your friends Dennis and Carla Arena, congratulations for them, "...very, very good!!!..."
But I have to try, let's go...
First..., I have to say that I love all things that I hardly worked to adquire and thanks God, my unbelievable family, I love them.
If I won a 'dream holiday' in a competition, I'd like to go to Miami to appreciate their beachs and improve better my English or Hawai, to see and learn more about the historical second war "Pearl Harbor"... It´s a dream, the book is so good, much better than the movie, it's from Randall Wallace.
In my opnion, a good car would be an Audi 2.0T, silver color...
What about sports, I appreciate football and tennis, I'd be very good in it.
Job... The Air Navy of the U.S.A is a good choise if I were an American, but I prefer the mine.
If I had more time, I'd learn a lot of things, another languages for example, but honestly I'd be more time with my family.
And the last one, If I could buy a house in another country, (I prefer here!!! but...) I'd buy a one in the U.S.A, I like there...

Good picture,
Best wishes...
See you tomorrow morning...
Bye, bye...

ceciliacarneiro disse...

Hi Marcio,
I know that you're very hard working and you do have a very nice family. But it's great to be able to dream isn't it?